Saturday, June 23, 2007

Littleton Haze

We've arrived in Denver, been greeted and welcomed by my family, and now have only to settle into a much quieter life of work, saving, and awaiting direction.

Wednesday we went to the farmers market in Littleton, Yum!, and visited the littleton YMCA.

Thursday we went to the post office and the DMV, where, after waiting two hours I failed my vision test with my glasses on and Zach failed to have enough identification because his present license is from Texas.

Friday was Laura's birthday! Happy birthday sister!

So far my interest list runs as follows:
Various Americorps and family shelter places of employment
Evening classes on teaching writing to college students, sign language, and oral renderings
Volunteering at the Colorado Puppy Rescue center as either a "puppy posse", an "adoption advocate", or a "puppy walker".
Attending yoga, pilates, swimming, and/or back strengthening classes with Zach at our local Y.
Scouting out farmers markets with Zach.
Training the new family dog, named- not by me- Seattle, not to climb on the counter top, open doors and trash cans, chew on the couch, greet people by handling various parts of them with his jowls, or jump circles trying to chase our other dog Wesley while taking a walk around the neighborhood.
Keeping in touch with my much loved Boston friends and former coworkers. It really amazes me that despite my bouts of unhappiness and hatred of the winter months, I made friends that I am loathe to lose and acquaintences that I will acutely miss. This is, of course, an encouragement to myself and all my other friends who are considering transition to go for it because there are wonderful human beings in all parts of the world. Boston means a great deal to me. I believe I doubled my self confidence through work and taking time off from academia. I increased my self sufficiency by using public transit and my own two feet to take me everywhere I needed or wanted to go. I gained a sense of what "neighborhood" means by living in a large city but exsisting in a small circle. I discovered, created, and allowed myself to become a "me" outside of my family and the friends I grew up with. I hope that now back at home again, I can keep this different person alive admist familiar family dynamics, so many cars, and the new unfamiliar streets.
Perhaps most significant, is the way that Zach and I came to depend upon each other entirely. So far away from our families in the great Northeast, we were isolated from influence and sometimes local support. I hope we can keep this intense bond strong and ever new in our life in Colorado.

Here's to another start, new friends, catching up with old friends, and another glimpse into the world of adult work.